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thomas henry

Hi there! I’m Thomas, the creative linguist and the driving force behind 
Adito Volo.

My life has been a journey across four continents, each destination presenting a new language and a new perspective of the world. This foundation has shaped my work in translation, copywriting, graphic design, and photography, allowing me to ‘translate’ not just words, but ideas, emotions, and visions into compelling, accessible experiences.

Fluent in six languages and native in three, complemented by a quadrilingual MSc in Business Engineering plus over a decade of fiscal consulting in R&D, I seamlessly blend the analytical and creative. This means you’ll always get an approach tailored to your context and its jargon, be it a laid-back baked goods newsletter, a legally binding collective labour agreement, or even a PhD thesis on Alzheimer’s disease.

No matter the medium, I look forward to ‘translating’ your vision to your intended audience. Let’s embark on this creative journey together!

This makes our day

"What a super fast service! On top of that, I got some tips from Thomas to improve my own text a bit. I'm a fan!"
An Sanders
“Thomas has done a great job for us! Very quick, very accurate and very friendly (even though our text was quite a complex one and the deadline was very tight). Definitely recommended!”
Veronika Yukalova
“Very happy with the cooperation with Thomas. Fast, correct and pleasant work with."
Stéphanie Siroux